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Nonfat Yogurt Flavors
Our nonfat yogurts in non-traditional flavors

Banana Rama Birthday cake blueberry tart

Banana Rama
You’ll go bananas for this deliciously ripe treat! Our Nonfat Banana Rama swirls real banana puree throughout to create a frozen yogurt that will delight your taste buds. Quit monkeying around and go grab a cup!

Birthday Cake
Pretend every day is your birthday with our Nonfat Birthday Cake yogurt! It’s like eating real birthday cake in every bite – candles are optional!
Blueberry Tart
Get a hint of summertime when you taste our Nonfat Blueberry Tart yogurt. We combine real blueberry puree with our special tart base for the perfect blend of blueberry tang and sweetness.
butter brickle popcorn caribbean colada cherry amaretto
Butter Brickle Popcorn
Popcorn perfection! Light and airy, this caramel toffee popcorn frozen yogurt is so
delectable you won’t be able to resist. Our Nonfat Butter Brickle Popcorn frozen
yogurt will make any time feel like movie time!
Caribbean Colada
Creamy coconut and juicy pineapple combine for a taste straight from the Caribbean. Transport yourself to a white sand beach with our Nonfat Caribbean Colada, perfectly sunny and coconutty. The only thing missing is a little paper umbrella!
Cherry Amaretto
Taste one of the culinary world’s classic combinations with this delightfully light flavor. Our Nonfat Cherry Amaretto frozen yogurt is smooth and creamy with a luscious swirl of cherry amaretto. An instant classic!
cheesecake chocloate mint dar chocolate frozen yogurt
Cheesecake lovers, have no fear. You can now succumb to your insatiable cheesecake cravings without sacrificing taste when you try our heavenly Nonfat Cheesecake yogurt. Made with real cheesecake bases, this yogurt tastes like a scrumptious slice of cheesecake straight from New York!
Chocolate Mint
This delicious flavor is a sure-fire holiday favorite! Our Nonfat Chocolate Mint yogurt is a smooth and creamy blend of luscious, decadent chocolate and refreshing, melt-in-your-mouth mint!
Dreamy Dark Chocolate
Our delectable dark chocolate yogurt is the healthy way to indulge your squealing sweet tooth. Made with three unique cocoa powders, this yogurt is a perfect blend of chocolatey goodness. Almost as important as its delicious taste, this yogurt is nonfat, meaning you can indulge all you want!
key lime bar moonpie candy cane
Key Lime Bar
Cool and Creamy! Real lime juice gives just the right amount of pucker to this Nonfat delight. Our Key Lime Bar frozen yogurt adds zesty lime to a smooth cream cheese and graham cracker flavored base for a tangy treat. Step into the Lime light!
Outta this world! Sweet marshmallow and golden graham cracker swirl
with a hint of luscious chocolate to make our Moon Pie® frozen yogurt.
This tantalizing nonfat treat will leave you over the Moon!
Olde Fashioned Candy Cane
Can you believe we made a non-fat soft-serve candy cane yogurt just like the olde fashion soft candy cane sticks? This frozen yogurt treat melts on your tongue just like those refreshing candy canes.
peach pomegranate snickerdoodle cookie dough
Peach Medley
Savor the flavor of juicy, orchard ripe peaches plucked straight from the tree! Our mouth-watering Nonfat Peach Medley frozen yogurt swirls with real peach puree for a sweet treat. Enjoy fresh peach goodness all year long!
Pomegranate Energy
Energize your day with our Nonfat Pomegranate Energy/Vitamin Boost yogurt! Our combo of tangy pomegranate and vitamin boost formulation will mean a jolt of power to keep you energized!
Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough
Cookie dough lovers – unite! Our Nonfat Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough is a timeless favorite. Sugar cookie dough frozen yogurt is specked with real cinnamon, creating bakery fresh flavor in every bite!
vanilla toasted cocnut vanilla
Tahitian Vanilla
You may have to taste this sweet yogurt again and again (not that you’ll be complaining!) – you will not believe it’s nonfat! Our Tahitian Vanilla yogurt is smooth and creamy. It’s perfect alone or as a base for your favorite toppings!
Toasted Coconut
The warm flavors of our Toasted Coconut frozen yogurt will transport you to a cozier State of mind! Creamy and smooth, you’ll be amazed it’s Nonfat. Take a break from everyday and relax!
flavor description
BLACKBERRY blueberry pecans
Fresh picked blackberry flavor!
flavor description
Butter Pecan
Butter Pecan
flavor description
cake batter
caramel custard
Cake Batter
All the goodness of cake batter, minus the messy kitchen!
Caramel Custard
Unbelievably rich creamy caramel taste everyone is sure to love.
Sweet and a little tart, this flavor makes for serious twistsing! Try chocolate cherry, cherry tart, and more!
cotton candy
grenn apple
Coconut instantly brings back tropical memories with its rich coconut flavor and smooth, tangy taste.
Cotton Candy
This flavor is so spot on, you'll never believe it's not the real thing!
Green Apple
Tart green apple goodness perfect enough to make you pucker up and kiss your spoon. This flavor makes for some serious twisting, so try it swirled with tarts, caramels, and more!
keylime lemon mango
Key Lime
One-of-a-kind key lime flavor makes this refreshing yogurt unforgettable.
Lemon Chiffon
Feeling nostalgic is a natural side effect of enjoying each light, refreshing lemon-flavored bite!
A sweet and refreshing blend of the authentic taste of mango.
peppermint pineapple pistacio
Peppermint isa flurry of minty freshness with the perfect amount of sweet swirled in.
Our pineapple yogurt has exceptional juiciness and a vibrant tropical flavor.
This is a mouth-watering flavor to go nuts over.
pomegranate raspberry root beer float
Refreshing, bold and tangy.
Delightfully tart yet balanced with natural sweetness. This flavor twists up nicely with our triple chocolate... think raspberry truffles!
Root Beer Float
Our root beer float is a delicious swirl of creamy vanilla and old fashioned root beer.
toffee white chocolate  
Rich flavored English Toffee is sweet and buttery!
White Chocolate
White Chocolate is smooth and creamy, nonfat and to die for!


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